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Justin and Mike Gilmore ACFBA MGODT(Master Trainer) hacw owned German Shepherd Dogs since a child. We has attended numerous dog obedience training clubs over the years. He became aware of the varying levels of dog training instruction, some good but many were quite poor.

We have seen an awful lot of dogs turned away from dog training clubs because of behaviour problems (mainly excessive barking).We learned the owners were expecting a good dog club would know how to deal with this problem not turn them away! We were constantly seeking out the more experienced dog trainers but it became apparent there are very few. In later years as our skills developed we sought to gain a much higher knowledge of dog behaviour and training.

We found The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training offered accredited courses under expert tutors which can lead to a Masters Degree through Middlesex University. We both enrolled immediately. Through our courses we qualified with The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and Mike became a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers.

                 We are still hungry for more canine knowledge and have spent many occasions  abroad to observe the many packs of stray dogs that exists there. This helped us to complete the puzzle of how we needed to communicate directly with dogs utilising their natural sounds and body language. After all if stray dogs can live harmoniously in packs they must have some form of hierarchy and formulate pack rules. This understanding became the basis of our techniques enabling us to obtain trust and respect from dogs and so their willingness to follow our commands.

               Mike has since achieved outstanding success when dealing with dogs whether addressing unwanted dog behaviour problems or dog obedience training. Mike has demonstrated his skills on all breeds of dogs and astounded their owners who often remarked “I don’t believe that’s my dog!”

               We continue to seek more information around the world from eminent dog trainers. Our latest venture is K9Signing developed by Sean Senachal  which teaches how we can train dogs to communicate by sign or signals. (rather as a very young child or mute would). Think of the benefit if your dog could tell you exactly what it wants!

Click the photo of Sean for a short preview video of a dog asking for a drink.

specific training where I can help you

  1. * puppy training

  2. * pulling on the lead

  3. *recall (come when called)

  4. * recall (out of sight)

  5. *‘A’ recall

  6. *retrieve (fetch articles)

  7. *sendaways

  8. *walk to heel off lead

  9. *sit on command at distance

  10. *down on command

  11. *wait (in stand-sit-down)

  12. *overcoming obstacles agility problems

  13. *entering exiting cars

  14. *house training (soiling)

  15. *accepting visitors into home

  16. *jumping up

  17. *boisterous behaviour

  18. *and many more.........

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