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  5. *retrieve (fetch articles)

  6. *sendaways

  7. *walk to heel off lead

  8. *sit on command at distance

  9. *down on command

  10. *wait (in stand-sit-down)

  11. * overcoming obstacles

  12. *agility problems

  13. *entering exiting cars

  14. *house training (soiling)

  15. *accepting visitors into home

  16. *jumping up

  17. *boisterous behaviour

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Dog ‘A’ Recall Training

The ‘A’ Recall is a stage up from the basic recall command.

It involves the dog, which is at some distance from you responding instantly to your “come” command. You will be on the move and walking away from the dog. The dog hears your command and runs up to and alongside into the heel position and remains there as you continue walking.


When out walking off lead with your dog it will respond to your call and arrive into the heel position under your control. This is beneficial when there is an immediate need to have your dog in a safe place by your side.


Once you have the basic recall mastered commence by having your dog sit by your side.

Give the command ‘Wait or Stay’. Take two steps forward and call your dog into the ‘heel’ or ‘close’ position.

You can encourage the dog into heel either with your voice and hand gesture or with a treat.

Progress with this by taking an extra couple of steps forward on each occasion.

When the dog has responded correctly each time move to the next stage.

Dog in a sit by your side, command ‘wait’ , move forward for 5 or six steps, call your dog into heel, do not stop walking.

Next step carry out as above but dog in sit,- wait,- move off for 6 or seven steps, call your dog into heel, keep walking.

Final stage

Dog in sit-wait, move off for 10 steps, turn left for 5 steps, turn right for 5 steps, call the dog into heel, keep walking for 5 steps, turn right for ten steps, turn right for ten steps, turn right for ten steps, command sit, praise your dog.


Should your dog attempt to move off from the sit-wait position get an assistant to hold the dog back (on slip lead).

The assistant releases the dog on hearing your ‘heel or close’ command.

Progress as above but this time the assistant stands next to the dog (off lead) with the flat of their hand in front of the dog’s head, removing their hand on hearing your command.

Then progress without the hand, then with the assistant a step aside from the dog, then behind the dog.

Should the dog move before your command say nothing, take the dog back to the start position, give a firmer ‘Wait or stay” command and begin again. Do not tell the dog off or get annoyed. Doing so may indicate to the dog it is not the best time to come to you when you call it. Always finish each training session with play and praise.

If the you or the dog arrive at a problem with a training procedure break off and play for a minute or two then resume training. This relaxes both of you and you should restart in a calm manner.